Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I WON!!!! AHHHH!!!!


So….I’m super de duper excited today because I WON MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!! Jen from Just Grow Already,  one of my favorite hair based blogs was hosting a giveaway for a Sprush (if you've never heard of that, check it out here) and I was one of ten winners! The sprush is basically like a rubber spatula of sorts for applying relaxer, color, and other substances to hair with greater precision that a regular bristle brush. I actually won the pink Sprush, which can be used for foiling, retouch, relaxing, and waxing (I'll only be using it to relax).  I’m so happy because it was my first giveaway win ever, and I really wanted to try the Sprush after hearing such rave reviews about it on her blog and many other blogs. I haven’t opened it as yet, but I can’t wait until my next relaxer day to try it out. I’m so excited I even contemplated ending my stretch earlier to give it a whirl lol….but I won’t. (I think). I'll just have to wait those four weeks until I can try out my new toy! In interest of all honesty, I can' say anything about it other than it's really cute, for now; but don't worry, I’ll be back with a review once I actually use it. 

Happy Hair Days!

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